OOWC: The largest network of olive oil professionals

The Olive Oil World Congress aims to become the largest network of professionals in the olive sector, the 'LinkedIn' of all operators in the world of olive groves and olive oil.

A tool that is capable of connecting all the links in the value chain in the same place, becoming a contact point for "unreachable" professionals.

But what does "unreachable" mean? Let's say that, if you want to get in touch with the manager of a large company you are interested in, you need to have some kind of connection to that person in order to contact him or her. With the OOWC's 'LinkedIn' you have the chance of stablishing direct communication, without even knowing them personally.

Anyone who registers will be able to contact other operators to engage in conversations, share projects, etc.

The aim is to unify supply and demand, both for products and services, within and beyond our borders.

The process is very simple: first of all, fill in your personal details. Then, add your username and password. Finally, enter the information relating to the corresponding company.

To register your user profile and join the world's largest network of professionals in the olive and olive oil sector, click on this link.