'On The Road To' Olive Oil World Congress

The Olive Oil World Congress (OOWC) has everything ready to start its program of activities for 2023, a series of events and conferences that aim to raise awareness of this congress and support its celebration in Madrid during 2024.

Within the framework of 'On The Road to OOWC', the Organizing Committee has given the green light to the first of the activities that, under the name 'Olive hoy', will take place by the end of February in Toledo, and to which other initiatives will be added over the next 12 months.

The event, which aims to highlight the value of olive oil as one of the jewels of our food and a fundamental part of the Mediterranean Diet, will bring together operators of production, processing, distribution and restoration with the aim of reinforcing this message and promoting the collaboration between the different links in the chain.

Discover other programmed activities

In addition, the OOWC Organizing Committee is working on the implementation of other activities, such as an action in Rome to present the Olive Oil World Congress and other actions with the diplomatic corps based in Spain in order to present the initiative and involve the sector in the dissemination actions to encourage their participation.

And, of course, the OOWC will also be present in 2023 at some of the most important international fairs such as the World Olive Oil Exhibition and Expoliva in Jaén.

The website www.oliveoilworldcongress.com and profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube will continue to provide information about this program, which will shape the route to the Olive Oil World Congress that will be held in 2024.

Join the Organizing Committee and shape the OOWC

The Olive Oil World Congress met for the first time on January 23 to officially constitute its Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee will be in charge of following up the established work plan and the OOWC promotion actions.

The OOWC offers companies and institutions the opportunity to participate in its Organizing Committee and to propose the activities and conferences to be developed.

The Committee is made up of the most representative institutions and organizations of the sector, the PDOs and PGIs, as well as the Platinum (Agrobank, Campo y Alma, Junta de Castilla-La Mancha) and Gold (Interóleo and Balam Agriculture) sponsors.

Anyone interested in joining can obtain information through the OOWC Technical Secretariat by calling 91 721 79 29 or sending an email to info@oliveoilworldcongress.com.