On the road to 'Olive Oil World Congress'

In 2023, the Olive Oil World Congress programme includes an extensive number of promotional activities that will be supporting the celebration of its first edition, which will take place in Madrid during 2024.

The Organising Committee will approve a rolling programme of events, presentations and other activities over the next 12 months, bringing together all operators of the olive sector. All these activities are open to the congress sponsors, who will thus be able to extend their support throughout the year to the olive oil sector, one of the most important ones in the Spanish agricultural sector from an economic, environmental, cultural and gastronomic point of view.

In order to generate expectations, presentations and technical conferences on the OOWC's themes will be taking place in the main Spanish producing areas, such as Jaén, Córdoba, Ciudad Real, Toledo, Tarragona and Badajoz.

In addition, meetings will be held with the Embassies of producing and consuming countries with the aim of involving them in the congress dissemination activities and encouraging their participation.

And, of course, the OOWC will be present at some of the most important international fairs such as Expoliva, WOOE, CIBUS Italy or Morroco Food Expo.

The website www.oliveoilworldcongress.com ;and the profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube will continue to provide information on this programme, which will trace the route towards the Olive Oil World Congress that will be held in 2024, under the hashtag #EnRutaHaciaElOOWC.

The organisers hope that all the events and actions planned, which will also be carried out in virtual format through www.agrifoodcongress.es, will reach an even greater number of interested parties, both within and beyond our borders, which will give the congress and the operators who support this initiative much more visibility.