Spain's Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food initiates public consultation on the royal decree on the quality of edible vegetable oils.

Tomorrow, 29 November, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food will begin the public consultation process for the draft royal decree that will approve the quality standard for edible vegetable oils. The aim of this regulation is to eliminate restrictions on the raw materials authorised for the production of edible vegetable oils and to establish labelling criteria that provide adequate and sufficient information to the consumer.

With this initiative, the ministry is continuing its work to renew and modernise food quality regulations, as one of the fundamental exercises for the development of the food sector. In the case of oils, the new quality standard for olive and olive-pomace oils was approved in 2021, and now the quality standard for the rest of edible vegetable oils is being updated, which means that these two sectors are regulated by two separate standards.

Edible vegetable oils

The modernisation of this quality standard is absolutely necessary for Spanish manufacturers to be able to meet consumer demand for vegetable oils from a variety of raw materials. After the approval of this royal decree, Spanish processors will be able to offer oils such as hazelnut, almond, walnut and avocado oils, which until now were imported because their production was not permitted in Spain.

Likewise, this regulation authorises the production in Spain of unrefined edible vegetable oils, which until now was also prohibited, due to the growing consumer demand for this type of oil.

Similarly, and in accordance with the provisions of the quality standard for olive and olive-pomace oils, the ban on blending olive oils with other vegetable oils is maintained, as is the exclusive use of the term "virgin" for olive oils.

The deadline for citizens to send in their observations and comments on the regulation begins today, Tuesday 29 November, and ends on 23 December.

You can access the text via the following link:,-Pesca-y-Alimentación-inicia-la-consulta-pública-del-real-decreto-sobre-calidad-de-los-aceites-vegetales-comestibles/tcm:30-636847