The Caja Rural AOVES' Chair in Jaén presents the 'Informe coyuntura 2021'.

The Caja Rural AOVES Chair in Jaén presents the '2021 economic outlook report'.

This year's report includes sections that are repeated every year - Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV - dedicated to the analysis of the evolution of the olive oil value chain, new regulatory developments with an influence on the marketing of olive oils and outstanding news - Part I; to the analysis of supply - olive groves, olive oils and prices - in Part II; to the study of demand - world and Spanish consumption of olive oils, as well as foreign trade and studies on consumer behaviour - in Part III; and to ICT and olive growing - Part IV.
olive growing -Part IV.

Of particular relevance is Part V, which includes three monographic studies dedicated to analysing and expressing opinions on certain European and national legislative initiatives that affect the modus operandi of the olive oil sector; the Olivares Vivos project and the analysis of the interesting research and transfer projects within the framework of the Operational Groups.