This Christmas: 'Liquid Gold: the greatest gift'

Christmas is already here and with it the meetings with friends, family, partners or suppliers are intensified to enjoy a holiday that, for the first time in a while, we will live without restrictions, all together.
Joyful moments that the Olive Oil World Congress (OOWC) takes advantage of to remind us of the importance of enjoying one of the most remarkable products of the Spanish gastronomy: Olive oil. A millenary food that is a fundamental part of the Mediterranean Diet.
To this end, the OOWC is launching a Christmas campaign under the slogan “Regala Oro Líquido” (“Liquid Gold: drops of happiness”), whereby it wants to convey to society the value of the product as an ingredient of happiness, encouraging everyone to share it and give it as a gift to family, customers and friends.
Through a video, the campaign will show olive oil as the perfect seasoning for every meal, a gift from the land and the star product of the Spanish cuisine.  But, above all, olive oil is tradition, health and pleasure and it deserves to be shared with those we love the most: our friends and family.

Watch the video here

The campaign will be shared on the OOWC's social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtubeunder the hashtags #RegalaOroLíquido, #OOWC2024 and #OOWC.
In addition, the Olive Oil World Congress, as a collaborative project, offers associations, companies and institutions in the sector the possibility of using the materials produced as Christmas greetings and share them with their customers and friends, to highlight the product and reach all olive oil consumers in the world. To do this, in addition to being able to share the video, various actions have been designed such as a Christmas banner that can be included as a signature in emails, a picture and template for Instagram stories that can also be shared on personalized social networks including the logo of each one. All those who wish to participate will also be provided with digital postcards to add a personalized logo.
This Christmas, gift “liquid gold" to your friends, family, customers, and everyone else!
The Olive Oil World Congress wishes you a Merry Christmas!
More information at: and on our YouTube channel @CongresoMundialdelAceitedeOliva