INTERÓLEO farmers will receive advice from BALAM Agriculture

The INTERÓLEO Group and BALAM Agriculture have joined forces under an agreement that will help Interóleo farmers to improve their farms, modernise them, produce the digital notebook and also benefit from additional income.

The signing of the collaboration contract was held at the premises of the Confederation of Employers of Jaén, yesterday morning, 13 June. The event was attended by the heads of both entities.

The place chosen for the signing of the agreement is an example of the global and business significance of this agreement. The Interóleo Group, which represents more than 17,000 farmers, has found in the Cordovan company BALAM Agriculture the ideal ally to continue offering its members high quality, differentiating services. In addition, something that was emphasised at the event was that "as Interóleo we have managed to ensure that it is the cooperatives that offer the solution to their farmers, coordinating the different actions between farmers and BALAM Agriculture technicians. We know that the cooperatives are the reference point for farmers and that is why they are going to be a fundamental agent in this agreement", declared the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Interóleo Group, Juan Gadeo.

"We are aware of the good work that Interóleo has been doing and we believe that this agreement is a before and after for all its associates. At BALAM Agriculture we are going to make a great effort to offer the best service and help farmers in Jaén to improve their farms", emphasised Pedro Navarro, Director of BALAM Crops.


With the agricultural technical advice service provided by Grupo Interóleo and BALAM Agriculture, the farmer will have at his disposal a qualified expert in Integrated Pest Management who will carry out field sampling and inform him about the biological cycle, evolution and damage of the main pests and diseases of the olive grove in the area.BALAM Agriculture technicians will also carry out foliar and soil analyses in order to draw up fertiliser plans in accordance with the new digital field notebook regulations.In addition, these same technicians will help the farmers to carry them out.In this regard, the Interóleo Group will implement a section in its APP to manage the digital notebook.

Another of the fronts opened with this agreement, and which has already aroused the interest of many farmers, is the Cultiva Carbono programme that BALAM Agriculture is developing from the BALAM Nature department. This programme encourages farmers to adopt additional carbon farming practices to reduce greenhouse gases, in line with the climate targets set for 2050. By doing so, farmers will be able to earn additional income on their farm by increasing their profitability and becoming climate neutral.

One of BALAM Agriculture's specialities is the transformation of farms and their modernisation, always seeking to improve both the profitability and sustainability of farms. In the agreement itself, both entities will offer a series of discounts and preferential access to the new varieties developed by BALAM Agriculture to farmers who want to plant or transform their farms. INTERÓLEO members will also have access to an exclusive range of nutritional and phytosanitary products.

The signing ceremony also served to present the image that "we want to become a reference for the farmers of Jaén. This logo represents both entities and from this agreement, we are united", said the Marketing Director of BALAM Agriculture, Daniel Marfil.

With all of the above, the Interóleo Group and BALAM Agriculture have joined forces to offer their farmers a new agricultural technical advice service that will enable them to comply with current regulations while making their farms more profitable through more efficient management.