AGROCOLOR inaugurates its new headquarters in Mérida with the support of the Extremadura's sector

AGROCOLOR, the certification body of reference in the agri-food sector worldwide, inaugurated its new headquarters in the Spanish community of Extremadura, in Mérida, on Tuesday. Directors, partners and representatives of the Board of Directors of the agri-food certifier were present at this event, which was also attended by professionals and entrepreneurs in the region, as well as institutional representatives of the same as María Curiel Muñoz, Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Population and Territory of the Government of Extremadura.

The president of AGROCOLOR, Miguel Rodríguez de la Rubia, explained in his speech the growth of this company, which has been at the side of producers and entrepreneurs in this region since 2012, facilitating their work, attending to all their needs and helping them to grow: "For AGROCOLOR this region is very important, as our growth here has been parallel to the development of its agri-food sector, hand in hand with its producers and marketers. AGROCOLOR's goal is to be present throughout the value chain of the agri-food sector, with solutions for all the links that help them to be more competitive. Our purpose, as a vector of development, is to provide the necessary tools so that our clients can guarantee food safety, as well as healthy and sustainable food for consumers. Today we can say that, at the end of last year, we have reached more than 90,000 certified hectares in Extremadura".

11 years with the sector in Extremadura
With more than a decade of experience in the agri-food sector in the Extremadura region, AGROCOLOR has managed to position itself as the leading certifier in this region, reaching 90,000 hectares certified under Integrated Production during 2022 in rice, broccoli, winter cereals, cherry, stone fruit trees, pip fruit trees, sunflower, maize, olive groves, paprika, tobacco and tomato.

Other very important certifications for AGROCOLOR in the Extremadura sector are GLOBALG.A.P. and all its add-ons, as well as BRC and IFS, among others.

In addition, AGROCOLOR is the first agri-food certifier in the area to carry out export protocols to third countries with plums to Brazil, stone fruit to Canada, plums and peaches to China, stone fruit to Mexico, stone fruit to South Africa and apples, and quinces and pears to Israel.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of AGROCOLOR S.L. also met yesterday morning in Mérida to approve the management report and the annual accounts for 2022, as well as to present the company's annual report of activities.

"The balance of the past year has been very positive, in fact, coinciding with our 25th anniversary, we have managed to be the first certifier with more certified producers in the world in GLOBALG.A.P. We certified 8.3% of producers globally in IFA (Integrated Farm Assurance), the flagship standard of GLOBALG.A.P. with a total of 15,531 certified producers, of the nearly 188,000 producers worldwide. AGROCOLOR currently has 18,000 certified growers, 600,000 crops and offers more than 90 different certification schemes," explains Gerardo Romero, the company's manager.