Celebrate World Environment Day with the OOWC

The calendar of the United Nations (UN) establishes June, 5th as World Environment Day. The aim of this celebration is to raise awareness of environmental issues among the world's population, intensifying political attention and action. The main objectives are to provide a human context; to motivate people to become active agents of sustainable and equitable development; to promote the key role of communities in changing attitudes towards environmental issues; and to encourage cooperation to make the environment sustainable, thus ensuring that all nations and people enjoy a more prosperous and secure future.

Under the umbrella of this event, various actions such as street rallies, eco-concerts, rehearsals, poster competitions in schools and colleges, tree plantings or recycling and clean-up campaigns take place. For this reason, the Olive Oil World Congress wanted to join in the celebration of World Environment Day through a collaborative action in which anyone interested can participate.

Under the title "#OliveOil4Earth", the campaign aims to convey to society the value of the product as one of the most valuable natural products, encouraging everyone to share it and consume it.

Through this video, the campaign will portray olive oil as the perfect ingredient: a gift from the earth and the star product of our kitchens. In addition, the action will be developed through the social networks of the OOWC (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram LinkedIn and Youtube) under the hashtags #OliveOil4Earth and #OOWC.

The Olive Oil World Congress, as a collaborative project, offers associations, companies and institutions in the sector the possibility of using the materials produced to join this initiative and share them with their customers and friends, in order to promote the product and reach all olive oil consumers around the world, while encouraging them to continue promoting environmentally friendly production models. To this end, in addition to being able to share this video, various actions have been designed, such as a images and a template for Stories that can be shared in a personalised way, including the logo of each participant, on social networks.