Grupo Interóleo is once again Futuroliva's main sponsor, reinforcing its commitment to La Loma olive oil.

Since it was founded in 2009, Grupo Interóleo has focused on olive oil produced in La Loma, the most productive municipality in the world. The company has numerous partners in municipalities such as Canena, Torreblascopedro, Lupión, Begíjar, Baeza, Torreperogil, Úbeda and Sabiote. What's more, we consider Futuroliva to be the seed of the group, given that the birth of Interóleo Picual Jaén practically took place during an edition of the fair. For this reason, Grupo Interoleo is one of the main sponsors for another edition. It's a sponsorship we've been renewing and reinforcing with every edition since 2009, when we started out as a pioneering company by integrating cooperatives and private mills into a model that had never been put into practice before.

Grupo Interóleo director Esteban Momblán underlines the commitment to Futuroliva: “We see the La Loma region as the cornerstone on which our entire group revolves, and that's why we decided from the outset that we had to be a firm sponsor of the region's leading olive tree and olive oil fair, which fills the annual void left by Expoliva, which it complements perfectly. For Grupo Interóleo, being one of Futuroliva's main sponsors is not an expense, but an investment supported by the large social and agricultural mass we have in the region", he declares.

Esteban Momblán points out that “in terms of the volume of olive oil managed by our company, La Loma is a very important region. That's why it's essential for us to support Futuroliva, because it means supporting an Andalusian and national benchmark and defending the sector”. He concludes: “This is the 13th edition and what might be a problem for some superstitious people, for us it's a blessing because it has rained nearly 200 liters of water these months, which is wonderful for us. And it's a good start.