Grupo Interóleo promotes the valorisation of olive pits

Grupo Interóleo is taking another step forward in its commitment to the circular economy and sustainability. The group is going to do this by promoting the valorisation of the olive pits of all its members thanks to a collaboration agreement signed with Peláez Renovables. In this way, the company guarantees the valorisation of olive by-products from the group's cooperatives and olive oil mills, which encompass 18,000 olive growers.

The manager of Grupo Interóleo, Esteban Momblán, explains that this new agreement signed with Pelaéz Renovables, based in Jaén, and with an international character, represents a firm commitment to "adding value to olive by-products, adapting them to the needs of the market and improving the olive oil value chain". "Our fundamental objective, taking into account Corporate Social Responsibility and compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals, is to add another link to the circular economy, sustainability and respect for the environment", explains Esteban Momblán.

Peláez Renovables, with its impeccable track record of more than 10 years in the recovery sector, is an extraordinary partner for Interóleo as it has a great technical and commercial capacity to provide the services of collection, recovery and marketing of the damp stone of the Group's partner cooperatives and olive oil mills.

Grupo Interóleo's commitment with this agreement aims to improve the value of olive pits, a by-product of the olive grove that can be used for thermal purposes, with the main objective of providing a pillar of quality, fundamentally because this is undoubtedly where the biomass market for thermal purposes will be heading. "We want to offer buyers the quality demanded in the product and the guarantee of supply. As for its partners, the idea is to continue to strengthen the portfolio of services and improve its profitability", says the manager of Grupo Interóleo.

In this sense, Esteban Momblán argues that all the group's partners who want to participate in the delivery of wet pits will be able to, "depending on the market value", obtain extra profitability and enhance the value of this by-product which would otherwise be lost. This will make it possible to consolidate the necessary synergies between producer, valoriser and end customer. Recovered bone is an environmentally friendly product that is in great demand due to its high calorific value. With this agreement between Grupo Interóleo and Peláez Renovables, a new business model is being launched, offering the market a fuel with exceptional characteristics that can be used in the domestic and residential sector, but also in the industrial sector, with biomass boilers for the production of hot water or heating", concludes the Interóleo manager.