InterÓleo strengthens its professional qualifications

The commitment to training is fully integrated into the Grupo Interoleo's DNA, even more so since the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility, which guides us to strengthen the qualification of one of our stakeholders, the group's personnel. For this reason, the company continues to reinforce the professional training of its technicians, with  the purpose of satisfying the present and future business needs of all its partners. That is why Interóleo has once again received a grant from the Diputación Provincial de Jaén, to improve qualifications related to digital transformation and, in particular, to new business information systems. An aid that we have received from the hands of the Deputy of Employment and Enterprise, Luis Miguel Carmona along with five other companies based in the Parque Científico-Tecnológico Geolit.

The manager of Grupo Interóleo, Esteban Momblán, explains that the purpose of the grant received by the company is to "facilitate the growth of the company through highly qualified training and improving the technological capabilities of all our staff in reference to information systems that allow us to positively meet all the needs of our partners. A new support with which we guarantee progress in the digital transformation process of Grupo Interóleo".

Training is a fundamental part of the company, as evidenced by the fact that, in recent years, our technical staff has reinforced its qualification with learning programs in the handling of sales, administration and accounting.