Kubota highlights "Inclusive El Salvador"

Last Friday 30th June, Germán Martínez Sainz-Trápaga, President of Kubota España, S.A. and veteran rugby player, met with the El Salvador Inclusivo de Valladolid team to present them with 25 Kubota rugby balls and caps for all the members of the team.

Kubota has always been linked to Rugby, because of the attitudes that this sport develops in the people who play it. This initiative is totally remarkable because it helps disabled people in their human development and social integration. Kubota wanted in a simple way to recognise the enormous work and enthusiasm that these players put into every training session and every match, a true reflection of the values and effort that the agricultural machinery brand represents.

What is El Salvador Inclusivo?

The project that led to the creation was born with the start of the 2015/16 season, with the participation of the Club itself, as well as the El Salvador Rugby Foundation and Plena Inclusión Castilla y León, entities without whose efforts this team would not be a reality.

We must also highlight the El Salvador Touch team, who have been present from the very beginning, providing their help, both in training and in all the necessary logistical aspects.

El Salvador Inclusive is not only limited to the province of Valladolid, as through Plena Inclusión Castilla y León, people with intellectual disabilities from institutions in 3 different provinces participate in the training and activities of the team:

  • From Valladolid we have the participation of 11 people (8 from Centro San Juan de Dios and 3 from CD ASPRONA Vall-Fundación Personas Valladolid).
  • 8 players belong to APADEFIM Segovia and Fundación Personas Segovia.
  • 8 players are members of ASPROSUB Zamora and Fundación Personas Zamora. In this way, a solid group of 25 players and as many dynamisers of El Salvador Touch has been formed, who have given themselves the nickname of 'Chamiosos'.

What are the objectives of El Salvador Inclusivo?

David Mateos stresses that the objectives of El Salvador Inclusivo are clear, and divided into two clearly differentiated areas:

"On the technical side, we want the game we play with the Chamiosos to be as normalised rugby as possible. We have managed to get the players to master back passes, scrums, touches and deep passes. We still need to improve our rucks and ball protection, as well as achieving positioning without offside".

Mateos adds that "on a personal level, we want to be happy playing, that we are a team, that we are consistent, that we get on well and that we all know what the essence of rugby is". Mónica Vaquero, manager of the team, affirms that "we have really achieved more than the objectives we wanted for this category. We have made the players love rugby and live it to the full. They are just another category, like all the others in the Club, and we 'Chamiosos' have become a small family. Inclusive rugby in this club will continue to grow much more".

On the part of the El Salvador Rugby Club, director María Morán assures that "what we want is to provide our Inclusive players with the necessary tools and means for their development and training, both in the sporting and social spheres".

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