Kubota introduces the new Z2 Series, the mower for the discerning gardener

The new Z2-481 mower, recently introduced by the Japanese manufacturer, stands out in its segment for having the highest level of comfort, thanks to its fully adjustable premium seat that adapts to the needs of any operator.

The machine incorporates the K-Ride system, a premium seat with oversized backrest, suspension adjustment, armrests and additional lumbar support, plus platform and anti-vibration operating levers, which increase the feeling of comfort and allow for longer working days.
All the main controls of the new Z2-481 are within easy reach of the operator for ease of use. The modern console is designed so that the controls are at the right angle for comfortable and ergonomic use, making it the mower with the best control panel on the market.

The new Kubota Z2-481 model features a quick cutting deck height adjustment system: simply turn a dedicated dial to control and adjust the cutting height in 0.6 mm increments until the desired height is reached, almost at the touch of a finger.

Safety is paramount

The new Kubota mower also excels in terms of safety, as it features a ROPS folding arch protection system which, together with the seat belt, ensures the operator's safety when working on slopes. The folding arch allows the Z2-481 to be stored in a garage with a low entrance or when working under low branches.

But the safety features of the new Z2-481 do not end there. In addition, the mower has a rear guard that protects the rear from accidental damage. The robust construction of the new Kubota machine also features a professional heavy-duty welded steel platform, which provides the necessary durability to carry out operations with total reliability and safety for the operator.

Powerful Engine

Thanks to its experience in the industry, Kubota knows that power equals performance. Therefore, the new Z2-481 is equipped with a powerful, high torque, quiet running Kawasaki V Twin petrol engine, capable of meeting any demand. This air-cooled engine not only provides the necessary power, but the design improves efficiency by providing fuel savings.

The design of the V-twin engines allows them to run quieter and smoother with less vibration than traditional single-cylinder engines. There is also easy access to the engine, thanks to a lift-up cover, which facilitates regular checks.

The drive levers are comfortable to operate and respond to operational requirements. The Kubota Z2-481 offers excellent manoeuvring response to obstacles.

In addition, since zero turn mowers are ultimately purchased for their unique turning ability, the operating levers allow movement while respecting the turf while manoeuvring.

Professional performance

The new Z2-481 offers a performance similar to that of professional machines. The shape of the cutting deck, together with the durable blades, ensures a high-quality cut.

It also features a 122 cm side discharge deck, which is particularly effective on higher, thick or wet grass, as the build-up on the underside of the cutting deck is limited.

Finally, the new Kubota mower supports a variety of attachments, such as a mulching kit, which can be fitted to the standard cutting deck to cut and return the cut grass to the lawn. A trailer hitch also extends the machine's versatility.