Kubota receives LA RAZÓN's Innovation Award

On 7 March, the LA RAZÓN media group hosted the award ceremony for the 5th edition of the Premios Comunidad de Madrid 2023 awards. This edition recognised the work of several prestigious companies that drive the economy in the Community of Madrid and the rest of Spain and which, in the words of Eugenia Carballedo, president of the Assembly of the Community of Madrid, are "the living representation of the extraordinary moment that the region is experiencing".

The jury also valued Kubota's excellent and long history, with more than 130 years of activity, as well as its commitment to intelligent technologies and sustainability. Joan Surroca, Kubota's European PR and digital director, accepted the award on behalf of the company: "Our company has always strived to work closely with our customers and partners, while continuing to innovate and develop our technology to help them solve the problems they face every day. In order for Kubota to remain a sustainable company, we will continue to promote more ESG conscious initiatives than ever before".

As a company committed to reducing its environmental impact and solving social issues in its business activities in the fields of food, water and the environment, the Kubota Group has defined its unique ESG measures as K-ESG, principles that are rooted in the Group's corporate philosophy (Kubota's Global Identity). K-ESG management provides the ethical and behavioural model that Kubota must adhere to in order to achieve the goals of its long-term vision, called GMB2030 and, subsequently, GMB.

CSGK, online platform to be closer to the customer

This new platform is a joint initiative of the Kubota European Organisation (KHE), which brings together innovative solutions for customers of the different brands of the Kubota Group, such as Kubota, Great Plains, Vicon, Kverneland, Fede and ROC. In it, you can read several stories about customer solutions with technologies that have enabled them to successfully overcome challenges and strengthen weaknesses, under the themes of Innovations, Sustainability, Connectivity, Automation and Efficiency.

Each story tells the challenge faced and the solution provided by the brand, along with videos and customer testimonials. In addition, the end of each story describes how these solutions specifically contribute to the achievement of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).