Kubota Spain becomes the main sponsor of the rugby team 'El Salvador Inclusivo'

Kubota España S.A., represented by its president Germán Martínez Sainz-Trápaga, and Club de Rugby El Salvador Inclusivo, represented by the president of the El Salvador Foundation, Alfonso Candau, signed an agreement yesterday, October 23, at the facilities of the El Salvador Rugby Club in Valladolid, by which the brand is committed to sponsor the inclusive rugby team for two years.

The event was also attended by Patricia González Rodríguez, Sales and Marketing Director of Kubota Spain, Ricardo Nance, Marketing Manager of Kubota Spain, representatives of the El Salvador Rugby Club, and representatives of the Inclusive El Salvador Rugby team.

The president of the El Salvador Foundation, Alfonso Candau, thanked Germán Martínez and the entire Kubota Spain team for their collaboration and highlighted the material support they are receiving and will receive over the years.

In addition to improving the material and sports equipment, this support will be vital when it comes to increasing participation in tournaments and matches, as a group of these characteristics implies greater logistical demands. This inclusive team is not only part of the great El Salvador family, but also brings all its members together.

For Alfonso Candau, "This initiative helps people with different abilities in the long term in their human development and social integration and seeks to ensure that they enjoy, socialize and grow with the practice of sports. The achievement of these objectives will be easier with the financial support of Kubota, which will allow us to work during the next two years and in the best conditions for the next World Club Rugby Inclusive World Cup."

Germán Martínez, veteran rugby player, as well as president of Kubota Spain, highlighted the similarity of the values of Kubota and the sport. "Kubota understands rugby as a sport that educates and develops people. El Salvador Inclusivo is a very nice project in which we try to give a group of people of different ages and sexes an opportunity for illusion, to work as a team and to develop as people in the years to come. It is a project that fits very well with Kubota's values - effort, discipline, teamwork, solidarity, mutual respect - values that rugby also instills. We are very excited for them. We want to give them the opportunity to develop and enjoy what they do," he said.

There are not many inclusive rugby teams in Spain at present. El Salvador Inclusivo is one of the pioneers. "El Salvador is a team that has been leading this project for some time. The Spanish rugby federation has an inclusive rugby protocol that I hope will be developed very soon," he said.

It is something that is starting in England, France and other countries. Spain is a pioneer and I hope that in the future we will have a regular league in inclusive rugby and it will serve to give an opportunity to these people who have a lot to say and give," continued Germán Martínez.

Other Kubota sponsorship agreements in Spain

Kubota Spain currently, in addition to sponsoring the El Salvador Inclusive Rugby Club, has two other sponsorship agreements.

One, with the Jaén Rugby School. "Jaén is a purely agricultural province and through our dealership, we want the kids to have an opportunity to take root and support the rural environment of the province of Jaén," Martínez explained.

The other sponsorship is with the Polytechnic School of Agronomists in Madrid: "We have a scholarship agreement with them. We hire 90% of our staff when they are students in their last degree at the School. We also sponsor the equipment for their boys' and girls' rugby team," he explained.