Kubota Spain collects more than 600 kilos of food for soup kitchens

The "Operation Kilo" campaign, designed by Kubota Spain to collect food and support soup kitchens, has exceeded all expectations by collecting more than 600 kilos of donated food.

The success of "Operation Kilo" lies not only in the amount of food collected, but also in the extraordinary participation and support of all those involved. Kubota Spain has demonstrated that when a company takes a proactive approach to social responsibility, it can inspire others to join the cause and generate a significant collective impact.

According to Miguel Ramos Riesco, volunteer at the Banco de Alimentos de Madrid, "It has been a very important milestone because a large amount of food has been collected and we hope that other companies will follow Kubota's example".

This campaign is not just an isolated gesture; it is a testament to Kubota Spain's ongoing commitment to sustainability. The company prides itself on not only addressing the immediate needs of communities, but also working towards a more sustainable future. Operation Kilo" is an outstanding example of how a company can merge social action with a long-term vision of environmental responsibility.

Germán Martínez, President of Kubota Spain, comments: "This is a very Christmas-like initiative and it is always a source of pride for anyone to contribute to helping people who have less to spend a better Christmas. At the same time, the economic situation in Spain is not good and there are people who are going to need it more this year than in other years, so we are proud to be able to collaborate with this type of initiative".

Internally, Kubota Spain's employees have united to support this purpose. The campaign has strengthened the company's culture, inspiring its employees and consolidating its commitment to corporate social responsibility. Kubota was also helped by the important gesture of the Kubota El Salvador Inclusive rugby team, which joined the initiative and contributed greatly to the donations.

"There is a lot of need and the company was one hundred percent involved in this project, we collected a lot of food, I am very proud to have participated in this action," says Rosana Fraile, from the Customer Solutions department.

The overwhelming success of "Operation Kilo" highlights the importance of sustainability and solidarity in the fabric of the company. Kubota Spain has not only provided tangible help to those who need it most, but has set a precedent for the positive impact a company can make when it truly embraces its role in society. This campaign is not just a project; it is a testament to the transformative power of a genuine commitment to the well-being of society.