Kubota Spain releases documentary on Women in Agriculture

Access the full documentary at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JFK65S4vTs

In a world where the countryside has often been seen as a predominantly male domain, Kubota Spain has embarked on an exciting journey to challenge this ingrained perception. With the aim of highlighting the incredible work of women in the agricultural field, Kubota Spain has produced a documentary that tells the true stories of seven women with spectacular feats, where effort, passion and enthusiasm are the protagonists. This documentary is a testament to Kubota Spain's commitment to promoting gender equality in its organization and industry.

Women have long been key players in the agricultural world, but their contributions often go unnoticed. Kubota Spain's documentary provides a platform for these women to share their stories, experiences and challenges. Through these authentic narratives, the viewer can appreciate the effort these women have invested in overcoming obstacles, the passion they feel for their work and the excitement that drives them forward.

Kubota Spain has not only documented these inspiring stories, but has also demonstrated a strong commitment to promoting gender equality within its organization. Gender equality is a core value for Kubota, and Kubota has adopted the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs), jointly developed by the United Nations Global Compact and UN Women. These principles are based on the idea that gender equality is not only a morally correct objective, but also a smart strategy to achieve sustainable growth and a more enriching perspective.

According to Patricia González, Marketing and Sales Director at Kubota Spain, "Two years ago the company promoted me to the position of Marketing and Sales Director. A challenge that I try to overcome every day, because working hard is how you achieve your goals, with enthusiasm and perseverance". For Patricia, hard work is fundamental. "To reach a position of this category, of course, the effort is innate, it is undeniable. There are many hours away from home, away from the family, in constant communication with the teams you manage. This makes the effort very important, because in addition to having to meet the objectives stipulated by the brand, you have to be very close to the teams so that they, in turn, meet the objectives set".

Kubota Spain not only celebrates individual achievements, but also raises awareness of the importance of women at all levels of society. These inspiring stories act as a reminder that effort, passion and enthusiasm are powerful forces that can break down barriers and open paths to a more equal and sustainable future. Today the company has a team of 37 employees in different areas of the company's business, of which 9 are women (24.3%).

For Vanessa Tébar, Customer Solutions Sales Delegate at Kubota Spain, "The role of women in the agricultural sector is becoming more and more integrated, since in the past women were dedicated to harvesting or product selection. However, today there are already highly trained women, who have agricultural studies and who are equally or better qualified than any man".

In the quest for sustainable growth and a more enriching perspective, Kubota recognizes the importance of celebrating the diversity of values and viewpoints in its organization. In this regard, promoting gender equality and the inclusion of women in the company have been key priorities.

The first woman Rector of the University of Malaga, Adelaida de la Calle, stressed that, "Agriculture is basic throughout the world, in other words, we must continue to feed ourselves. And if we want to be fair to the farming system, we have to look for this training in everyone, men and women. You can't waste 50% of the talent, which is what women represent."

To achieve equal opportunities in the rural world and the agri-food sector, Kubota Spain believes it is essential that the company and its leaders get involved in this challenge. This goes hand in hand with the need for a real incorporation of women, in order to make their activity visible in a sector where there is a significant increase in the presence of the female gender and the promotion of gender equality.

According to Germán Martínez, President of Kubota Spain, "Kubota is a company that always welcomes everyone with open arms. We do not select men or women because they are women or because they are men. We select Kubota personnel for their capabilities and their potential for development, and everyone has the same opportunities."

Kubota Spain has taken on the responsibility of being an agent of change in its industry and has demonstrated that the effort and passion of women in the agricultural world deserve to be recognized and supported. By embracing the diversity of values and viewpoints in its organization, Kubota Spain demonstrates its commitment to a future where all voices have equal importance and all hands are welcome to build a stronger and more equitable agricultural world. This documentary is a reminder that with hard work, passion and enthusiasm, challenges can be overcome and a brighter future created for all.