Madrid will be the world capital of extra virgin olive oil at the Mario Solinas 2024 awards ceremony

This year, the International Olive Oil Council (IOC) is organizing the awards ceremony on June 25 as part of an agreement signed with “Madrid Salud” to carry out and support institutional activities related to extra virgin olive oil.

“Madrid Salud”, an Autonomous Body of the Deputy Mayor, Spokesperson, Security and Emergencies Area of the Madrid City Council, is responsible for the management of municipal policies in the field of Public Health, quality and food safety. These activities include collaboration and participation with institutions and entities for a common purpose, in this case, to promote actions to promote knowledge of the quality of food products, the protection of consumer rights and the prevention of fraudulent, misleading and adulteration practices, including actions aimed at the official control of food.


Summoned in December 2023, 113 samples of extra virgin olive oils from 10 countries around the world have been submitted to the award. Among them, Spain again reached the maximum number of samples submitted with 57, followed by 27 from Tunisia, 15 from Portugal, 4 from Italy, 3 from Jordan, 2 from Greece, 2 from China, 1 from Algeria, 1 from Croatia and finally, 1 sample from France.

The members of the international jury, made up of panel leaders recognized by the IOC, selected the six oils with the highest scores in each category.

The Mario Solinas Quality Awards promote the production and evolution of improved qualities of EVOOs around the world. The competition encourages individual producers, producer associations and bottlers in producing countries to market EVOOs with harmonious organoleptic characteristics. It also raises consumer awareness of this unique product, inviting them to recognize and appreciate the sensory attributes of these high quality olive oils.


The traditional tasting of the gold medals recognized in this 24th edition will be held on June 5 at the MOM Culinary Institute Cooking School and will include descriptors to illustrate the amazing qualities of each of the award-winning EVOOs.

Among the first prizes in the different categories were two Spanish, two Italian and two Tunisian AOVEs.

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