Manifesto of the Spanish and Italian Alliance to develop actions in favour of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Manifesto of the Spain-Italy Alliance sets out a series of objectives and actions that these associations intend to carry out for the development and prosperity of the olive sector.

Among the objectives, the following stand out:

  • The training of professionals in the sector aimed at obtaining extra virgin olive oils of high organoleptic and healthy quality.
  • To promote measures, in the field and in the industry, to optimise the carbon balance, thus contributing to the mitigation of Climate Change.
  • To promote consumer education so that consumers can differentiate the authentic fruit juice, the extra virgin, from other categories.
  • Defend the authenticity of olive oil against the marketing of blends with other fats which, in the opinion of this alliance, should be banned in the EU. Finally, actions will be established to increase the generation of complementary income to the sector through Oleotourism or the valorisation of by-products.

In order to achieve these objectives, the parties intend to carry out annual actions such as the translation of existing training and information material into both languages, the organisation of annual training days with the exchange of knowledge throughout the value chain in both countries, and the issuing of joint releases on current situations affecting the olive oil sector.

In short, this alliance aims to lay another stone in the edifice of quality and excellence of extra virgin olive oils, and in the promotion and defence of the richest and healthiest of all known fats, the true lifeblood of the Mediterranean Diet, EVOO.

The Salerno meeting was organised in close collaboration with Leonardo Feola, Italian agronomist, and Isabel Calvache, manager of Caracol Tour.

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