The Olive Oil World Congress is now live

World Olive Tree Day is celebrated every year on November the 26th. This legendary tree is venerated by different cultures and is even considered sacred in some regions of the world. Its fruit, the olive, is the mother of oil and represents one of the most appreciated foods in the Mediterranean Diet.

Within and beyond the Spanish borders, olive oil is considered a delicacy due to its exquisite flavour and its many nutritional properties. Spain is the world's leading producer of olive oil, but not even in our country do all consumers know about the product and what surrounds it.

A situation that the olive oil sector now has the opportunity to improve, using this new collaborative tool, at its service, to promote knowledge about the product and the sector, inside and outside Spain.

That is how the Olive Oil World Congress (OOWC) was born: as a project created by Agrifood Comunicación which, under the slogan 'Taste it, Enjoy, It's Olive Oil', aims to become the most important event in the olive sector and a meeting point for all professionals worldwide. An initiative that also aspires to position itself as a recognised brand under which the different links in the chain can come together and work towards the common objective of all the operators in the olive oil chain: to transmit the benefits of the product and promote it as a category or private brand.

A collaborative project in which the Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional, associations, companies and institutions that wish to promote this product can contribute their knowledge and experience so that the messages and actions agreed between all of them in the initiative's decision-making bodies are amplified and reach all olive oil consumers around the world.

Agrifood Comunicación, organiser of the event, will begin to carry out the promotional actions of the OOWC at the beginning of 2023 under the slogan "On the road to OOWC-2024". Various activities will be taking place throughout the year, including technical conferences on genetics, production, processing, market, communication, social networks, internationalisation or R&D&I, among other subjects.

The OOWC offers companies and institutions the opportunity to participate in one of the working committees, where the activities and conferences to be developed will be decided. In this way, direct communication will be made with the most important professionals in the sector and the brand will be promoted both within and beyond Spanish borders. Anyone interested in taking part in this project can obtain information from the OOWC Technical Secretariat by calling 917217929 or sending an email to