Planning Committee

It would be made up of a President and all those who collaborate in one way or another with the OOWC.

The Planning Committee of the congress monitors the established work plan and promotional activities.

It advises on image issues and possible activities.

It also participates in the elaboration of the programme.

Mercedes Álvarez - Oleo

José Manuel Bajo Prados - General Secretary of DO Baena

Pedro Barato - ASAJA

Iñaki Benito Otazu - Patrimonio Comunal Olivarero

Marta Bosquet Aznar - IFAPA President

Andrea Carrassi - Assitol

Raúl Compés - CIHEAM Zaragoza

Enric Dalmau - DOP Les Garrigues

Ángel de Oteo - Deputy Ministry of Environment, Agriculture, and Territorial Planning

Carmen Cristina de Toro Navero - General Director of Industries, Innovation, and Agri-food Chain. Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, and Rural Development

Elena Escobar - General Director of Agrifood Production and Cooperatives

Mercedes Fernández - Head of the IOC's Standardisation and Research Unit

Primitivo Fernández - Managing Director of Anierac

Rosa Gallardo - Managing Director of the School of Agricultural and Forestry Engineering - Universidad de Córdoba

Mariola Gómez Chica - Director of Unaproliva and responsible for the olive area of AGQ Labs

Patricia González - Sales and Marketing Director at KUBOTA ESPAÑA, S.A.

Juan Manuel Hidalgo - Cooperativas Agroalimentarias de España

Daniel Marfil Vara - Chief Marketing & Communications Officer BALAM Agriculture

Myriam Martínez - Oleo

Enrique Martínez Force - Instituto de la Grasa

Giuliano Martino - Filiera Olivicola Olearia Italiana

Mariana Matos - Secretary General of Casa do Azeite

Esteban Momblán - Interóleo Manager

María Naranjo - Director for the Food and Drink Industry ICEX España

Javier Olmedo - Fundación del Olivar

Miguel Padilla - COAG

Manuel Parras - UJA

Teresa Pérez - Interprofesional del Aceite de Oliva de España

Rafael Picó - Managing Director of Asoliva

Juan Antonio Polo Palomino - Head of the IOC's Technology and Environment Department

Carlos Seara Diéguez - Managing Director of Red AgroBank

Gabriel Trenzado - General Director of Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de España

Domingo Valiente - Managing Director of Fundación Dieta Mediterránea

Who is involved?