XXIV edition of 'Extrema Selección 2023'

The Regional Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development, Population and Territory, Begoña García, took part this Thursday in the prize-giving ceremony of the 24th edition of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting - Competition 'Extrema Selección 2023', organised by the Regional Government of Extremadura.

During her speech, Begoña García pointed out that this competition is held with the aim of contributing to the revaluation of the highest organoleptic quality extra virgin olive oils from Extremadura; to stimulate producers in the region to obtain and market quality oils; to improve their image and position in the olive oil market and to promote knowledge and appreciation of the sensory characteristics of extra virgin olive oil among consumers.

The Regional Minister pointed out that Extremadura olive oil is in an excellent position, but that "we deserve to continue working to grow more, to achieve a better position in the markets", and she stressed that the best way to achieve this is through cooperatives. "I encourage all of you to get together to produce, but above all to sell", she concluded.

The list of award winners is as follows:

Small Production 

- Gold: Monjías del Olivar
- Silver: Corisco e Hijos
- Silver: Monteverde Natura

Large Production

- Gold: Jacoliva
- Silver: SC Nª Sª de la Cabeza, with its brand Roniel
- Silver: SC Virgen de la Estrella, with its brand Maimona

Organic Production

- Gold: SC del Campo La Unidad de Monterrubio, with its brand Vida Serena.
- Silver: Lagar del Soto, Jacoliva
- Silver: Agropecuaria Carrasco, with its brand Vieiru.

Conventional Production

- Gold: La huerta de la Vera, from Talayuela
- Silver: Agropecuaria Carrasco, with its Casat Vieiru oil.
- Silver: Valdueza, with its brand Merula de Marqués