The brand Gusto del Sur underlines the quality of the Andalusian products in the 4th Annual Frozen Congress

The general secretary of the Agricultural and Fisheries Management Agency of the Andalusian Regional Government (Agapa),Margarita Cobos, has taken part in the inauguration of the 4th annual Frozen España Congress, which this year is being held in Seville, and in which the quality brand Gusto del Sur, which endorses with its seal the excellence, flavor and sustainable nature of Andalusian products.

At the Palacio de Exposiciones, The Frozen Congress has brought together 300 proffesionals, 100 producer companies and dealers of frozen food, from the 150 that are associated, and 300 managers from all over Spain. The participating companies have a total turnover in Spain of more than 7,000 million 7 billion euros in turnover in Spain, 8,500 jobs and 5,500 vehicles.

During her act intervention, Margarita Cobos has highlighted that this act is the “most important meeting of the South of Europe, for the frozen food sector professionals, that brings together producers and dealers to collectively analyse the sector threats, weaknesses, strengths and opportunities at both national and international level”.

With regard to the quality label for Andalusian products, the Secretary General of Agapa emphasised that "Gusto del Sur allows the sector to have a certified brand that makes it possible to unite efforts around the quality of the Andalusian agri-food industry, which is the driving force behind the exports of the other sectors".

Gusto del Sur is open to all foodstuffs recognised under Protected Designations of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) , Special Traditional Guaranteed (TSG), organic and integrated production, artisan foods and products from recognised private protocols, among others.

Differentiated quality

Gusto del Sur has aroused a great deal of interest among Andalusian producers and now boasts the distinctive quality label on their labelling, products from the Almeria firms Única Group, Vicasol, Biosabor and Casi, as well as from the Granada company La Palma. The following will also form part of this select.

group will also include food from the Malaga company Trops; from Andalusian company Andaluza Patatas del Sol (Anpasol) from Cordoba; and the Huelva firms Cuna de Platero, Grufesa, Onubafruit, Santa María de la Rábida, Agrícola El Bosque and Fruta de Andalucía.

Frozen España is an association of frozen multi-product companies that represents the values of all business areas, from the producer to the distributor, with the aim of bringing them together to unite and make frozen products together, a product of value and quality for the end consumer and society. The association has a national character and in its beginnings was very focused on Andalusia from where it has expanded and currently has companies from all over Spain and international participants from the European Union and Africa, encompassing the companies in the sector that operate in Spain.

The 4th Annual Frozen Congress included the "Frozen & Fresh Market", the first monographic gastronomic market for frozen and refrigerated products in Europe, in which the members were able to present their products to both professionals and the end consumer, organised according to a sector-based theme, with different scenarios, from the market garden to the pastureland, via the sea.