The OOWC reaches all producing countries

In the framework of the 62nd meeting of the Advisory Committee of the International Olive Council (IOC), held today in Siena, Italy, the Olive Oil World Congress (OOWC) presented its official program to all its members. The meeting was attended by all members of this body, as well as a large representation from the olive oil and table olive sector in Italy.

Ricardo Migueláñez, general coordinator of the congress, was responsible for presenting the OOWC, an international event that will bring together experts and professionals from around the world from June 26 to 28 at the Spanish National Research Council in Madrid (Spain) to discuss the latest advances and challenges in the cultivation, processing, and marketing of this product.

According to Migueláñez, “with the collaboration of the Scientific and Organizing Committee, the OOWC has managed to develop a program with 60 speakers from more than 10 countries, tailored to the needs of all the links in the olive oil production chain, from genetics to communication, including processing and marketing.” “This represents a unique opportunity for operators from all countries to exchange knowledge, experiences, and see commercial possibilities, especially in the international arena,” he added.

For its first edition, the OOWC program has been divided into eight thematic blocks with speakers from more than 20 countries, covering each and every topic that concerns the sector at an international level. Among the highlights is the inaugural conference of the congress on June 26 by Jaime Lillo, Executive Director of the IOC, followed by presentations on the olive oil sector facing climate change.

June 27 will focus on trade standards, product quality, and safety, including discussions on the quality and authenticity of olive oils, standard harmonization, and the role of polyphenols in virgin olive oil. Highlighting the participation of Tullia Gallina, a researcher at the University of Bologna, who will give a presentation on the latest advances in polyphenol research. Additionally, communication and marketing topics will be addressed, such as the diversification of the olive oil business through tourism and successful export strategies. There will also be olive oil tasting sessions.

On June 28, the last day of the congress, trade and consumption of olive oil will be analyzed. Additionally, there will be a roundtable on olive oil consumption worldwide, with the participation of Di Yang, an expert in vegetable oil in the Markets and Trade Division of FAO. This day will also include sessions on the health benefits of olive oil, highlighting recent research on the Mediterranean diet, as well as its use in modern international gastronomy.

The presentation of the congress generated great expectations among the attendees, who see in this event an unparalleled opportunity for knowledge exchange and strengthening international cooperation. Furthermore, it is expected that the Olive Oil World Congress will significantly contribute to the visibility and appreciation of olive groves and olive oil.

Find out more about the OOWC program by visiting this link.

Anyone interested in attending the most significant event in the olive oil and olive grove sector, to be held from June 26 to 28 at the CSIC headquarters in Madrid, can register here.

Under the slogan 'Taste it, enjoy it, it's olive oil', the OOWC counts on the collaboration of AgroBank, MSCCIA - Agricoltori Italiani, FOOI, John Deere, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food through #alimentosdespaña, the Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional Organization and the Junta de Andalucía through its brand 'Gusto del Sur' as Platinum sponsors; Grupo Interóleo, Yara International, GEA, AGQ Labs and Balam Agriculture as Gold sponsors; the company Kubota, HispatecTodolivo and SGS as Silver sponsors; and Agrocolor as other sponsors. Agrotec, Voz do Campo, Puglia Live, Grupo Joly and Oleo are the Media Partners of the OOWC.

Anyone interested in participating on the congress can obtain information from the OOWC Technical Secretariat by calling +34 917217929 or by sending an-email to