The Sectorial Nacional del AOV con DOP celebrates its General Assembly

The Sectorial Nacional del Aceite de Oliva con Denominación de Origen has held its General Assembly in an exceptional place, the headquarters of the International Olive Council, during which it has made a detailed review of all the activities carried out during an intense 2022 and future priorities for action have been outlined.

In this sense, this body, which represents olive growers, mills and packers marketers of Spanish designations of origin, marks as its main objective the recognition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) as a fundamental asset of the Spanish brand, not delocalizable and engine of rural development of large areas of our country. An irreplaceable product of the Mediterranean diet, essential for a healthy life and intangible heritage of humanity that Spain, as the world's leading producer, must promote and protect.

The defense of quality and differentiation of EVOO as a strategic element of competitiveness in the market is the main objective of the Olive Oil Designations of Origin, which they consider indispensable for the sustainability of the olive oil activity in our country and the EU.

These objectives are linked to a more visible and influential action in the different European, national and regional bodies. The National Sectorial of the AOV is going to exercise its legitimacy as representative of the guaranteed origin of the olive sector to implement policies of viability related to the AOV and a regulation that guarantees the sustainability of the olive activity oriented to the development of the producing regions and the rights of the consumers for what, they point out from the Sectorial, we will be vigilant before actions and practices contrary to the quality.

"The designations of origin have a daily and direct contact with the sector, on the field, cooperative, oil mill or packer. A knowledge of the last stretch that we want to make available to the sector and consumers," they say.


To realize this corporate purpose, actions will continue to be taken to include "healthy EVOO" information in the labeling and commercial information that reaches consumers, while intensely monitoring and providing solutions to the future mandatory front labeling.

They consider it strategic that the PAC contemplates the undeniable contribution of the farmers of the designations of origin to both the food safety and the improvement of the image of the EVOO produced in the EU.

The defense of the Panel Test as a tool for verifying and classifying the quality of EVOOs, as well as the constant search for its improvement, together with the defense of the names protected by the olive oil DOs, will be other priority objectives of the Sectorial in the next period.

New Board of Directors

In the course of the General Assembly, the renewal process of the Board of Directors was also undertaken, for another four years, which will be made up of representatives of the different appellations of origin.

The new organization chart is as follows:

Board of Directors:

- President: Mr. Enric Dalmau i Carré PDO Les Garrigues
- Executive Secretary: Mr. José Manuel Bajo Prados, Baena PDO
- Vice-president: Mr. Enrique García Tenorio, PDO Montes de Toledo.
- Treasurer: Mr. Juan Baseda Torruella, DOP Bajo Aragòn


- Ms. Patricia Caraballo, PDO Aceite de Lucena.
- Mr. Manuel Jesús Sutil, Sierra Mágina PDO
- Mr. Carlos L González, Aceite del Campo de Montiel PDO
- Ms. Chelo Dolado, PDO Navarra Olive Oil
- Mr. Antoni Galserán, PDO Siurana