"Current situation, Challenges and perspectives of olive oil world sector"

Jaime Lillo 

Executive director IOC 

Session A - Olive oil facing climate change

Juan Antonio Polo

International Olive Council

Georgios Koubouris 

Institute of Olive Tree of Greece

Roberto García 

Jaen University

Emilio J. Gonzalez

Cordoba University

Kostas Chartzoulakis

Institute of Olive Tree of Greece

Session B – Genetics and crop production

Álvaro Toledo


Pablo Morello

Cordoba University

Hristofor Miho

Cordoba University

Pedro Valverde

Cordoba University

Blanca B. Landa

Superior Council for Scientific Research (CSIC)

Session C - Challenges in manufacturing Processes: Digital transformation and valorization of by-products

Fernando Martínez

Instituto de la Grasa of Spain

Lola Pérez


Rosa Gallardo


Stefan Pecoroni

Center of Excellence for Olive Oil GEA

Steffen Hruschka

Center of Excellence for Olive Oil GEA

Juan Agustín Espuny


Session D - Trade standards, product quality and safety

Mercedes Fernández 

International Olive Council

Kamel Ben Ammar

Director del Centro Internacional de Formación ONH-OOC

Wenceslao Moreda 

Instituto de la Grasa of Spain

Hermenegildo Cobo Martinez

ICEX regional director in Seville

Tullia Gallina Toschi

Bologna University

Karolina Brkić Bubola

Institute of agriculture and turism of Croatia

Plácido Pascual Morales

Agrifood Laboratory of Córdoba

Francisco de Paula Rodríguez

Technical advisor of Junta de Andalucía

Mariana Matos


Andrea Carrassi


Session E - Communication and marketing

Imene Trabelsi 

International Olive Council

Elvira Arzubialde


Rosa Vañó

Castillo de Canena

Juan Manuel Luque

Luque Ecológico

Maria Martha Luchetti

Directora de Marketing, Innovación y Sostenibilidad en Deoleo

Rafael Sánchez


Nicolás Tejada

Director de Sostenibilidad y Medio Ambiente en ACESUR

Session H – Olive oil and health 

Santi Mas de Xaxás

Culinary Institute of America

John Regefalk

Basque Culinary Center

Poster presentation: Ramzi Belkhodja 

Session G – Trade and consumption

Manuel Parras 

Jaen University

María Juárez

International Olive Council

David Valmorbida

Australian Olive Oil Association

Joseph Profaci

North American Olive Oil Association

DI Yang 

Food and Agriculture Organization

Antonio Gallego

Spanish Association of the Olive Oil Exporting Industry and Trade

Gennaro Sicolo

IOC Advisory Committee

Session H - Olive Oil and gastronomy

Lhassane Sikaoui

International Olive Council

Ayça Akça Uçkun

Olive Research Institute of Izmir

Monji Msaleem

Olive Institute of Tunisia

Sara Oulbi

National Institute for Agricultural Research of Morocco

Wafaa El Khoury

Service Chief for Near East and North Africa and Europe and Central Asia Service

Abdessalem Loued

IOC Advisory Committee

Ignacio Ballester

MSC Spain

Miguel Ángel Martínez

Navarra University

Ramon Estruch

Barcelona University

Antonio Escribano

San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia

Francesco Visioli

University UNIR PADOVA

Rosa María Lamuela-Raventós

Barcelona University

Fernando López

CordioPrev of Spain