Grupo Interóleo is committed to the specialisation of the olive oil mill masters

Grupo Interóleo is very clear that training and specialisation are key to improving the profitability of the olive sector. The Member Advisory Department reinforces, day by day, the objective of achieving the highest possible degree of professionalism throughout the production process in order to obtain extra virgin olive oils of higher quality season after season. This work is complemented by the holding of the 4th Oil Mill Masters' Conclave where experiences were exchanged, conclusions were reached that will help all the partners to improve their production excellence and the importance of the Visiolive project was highlighted, in which the Interóleo Group has collaborated, to classify, accurately and objectively, the olives that enter the oil mill yard and which has obtained magnificent results in the three cooperatives that took part in its development this season.

The Interóleo Group's Manager, Esteban Momblán, highlights the "great success of the participation of our partners' mill masters in each of the four editions of the Conclave we have held, something which demonstrates the commitment we have in the company to training, specialisation and the updating of knowledge. Our main objective, since we created the Consultancy Department, has been to improve the profitability of the integrated cooperatives and mills through professionalised marketing management and a continuous exchange of experiences to ensure that they obtain better olive oils each season. That is why it is extremely satisfying for all of us that this first meeting of masters has been so productive".

The day was led by Mariela Valdivia, head of Interóleo's Partner Advisory Service, together with Sonia Alcántara, in charge of Quality. They also counted on the participation of a luxury taster, Anunciación Carpio. A department that has its own annual Action Plan, one of its objectives being the celebration of this conclave of masters. In her speech, Mariela Valdivia explained the results obtained in the development of the Visiolive project: "We have reported on how energy consumption is minimised during olive milling in the three cooperatives that have participated in the project (Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia de Torreperogil, Oleícola Baeza and San Ginés and San Isidro de Sabiote). Very promising results, especially in a difficult season like the one we have had, with less olives than initially expected. During the seminar we explained the project and stressed the need for the member cooperatives to adapt this classification system".

For her part, the expert oil taster Anunciación Carpio highlighted the role of the oil mill master in the production and preservation of extra virgin olive oil. And to conclude this fourth conclave, the participants had the opportunity to taste six oils from different geographical areas and of different varieties.