Ignacio Ballester. MSC Spain

Spain is one of the world's largest producers of olive oil with almost 1.49 million tonnes of this product in 2022*, which represents a significant share of the world's total olive oil production.

Transporting a product as delicate and valuable as olive oil requires specialised attention and expertise. MSC Spain has been transporting all types of goods, including packaged and bulk liquids, anywhere in the world for more than 50 years.

The olive oil sector is a fundamental pillar of the Spanish agri-food system. The country is a world leader in terms of land area, production and foreign trade thanks to the well-established olive-growing tradition and to the professionals who are capable of obtaining olive oils of the highest quality.

For all these reasons, exporters and producers demand greater specialisation from logistics operators when transporting this valuable product. MSC is aware of the importance of transporting olive oil with the highest quality guarantees and its team in Spain has extensive experience in this sector, from the preparation of the container to the arrival of the goods at their destination.

Traditionally, olive oil has been transported ready packaged, but there is an increasing demand for transporting it in bulk. MSC has developed a specific solution to export olive oil in bulk in a safer, more cost effective and environmentally friendly way compared to other transport methods.

MSC's liquid cargo solutions allow up to 24,000 litres of olive oil to be transported worldwide in a standard 20-foot container, offering a comprehensive end-toend solution for the olive oil supply chain. MSC's liquid cargo solution uses specialised equipment known as flexibags, designed to transport large volumes of liquids safely and securely and prevent the possibility of leakage or contamination of the cargo.

Flexibags are hermetically sealed, collapsible, flexible and recyclable bags (or containers). They are made of food grade virgin polyethylene film and manufactured with premium quality woven silk and a polypropylene outer layer. This not only makes them an environmentally friendly transport solution, but also provides additional flexibility and strength during transport, which helps to protect the goods.

Thanks to their structure, they are air, weather and water resistant, which helps to preserve product quality. They also allow for faster loading and unloading. Before being filled with olive oil, the flexibag is installed in a standard twenty-foot dry container (DV).

Once the filling of the bag is complete, the flexibag is sealed and a strong bulkhead or frame is used to prevent the liquid from moving inside the container. In addition, the complete package of proprietary solutions offered by MSC Spain covers all the needs of exporters and producers, including the supply and installation of flexibags, transport from the mill to the port, transport on its state-of-the-art vessels and delivery of the product to the receiver at destination.

Besides maritime transport, MSC has the most extensive transport network in Europe. Its port, land and rail coverage, not only in Spain but throughout Europe, allows it to offer fast, safe and sustainable door-to-door transport solutions, which means having the best connections available for the movement of goods within the continent no matter where the importer or exporter is located.