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Nowadays, there is an urgent need to adopt more effective marketing  strategies to mitigate climate change threats in order to promote the health and sustainable benefits of olive oil, disseminate more the culture of Olive Oil consumption which is in line with preventive public health strategies.

Olive oil Tourism could largely offer to olive oil companies an excellent opportunity to promote their products through the whole olive oil value chain by allowing to advocate for the virtues and diversity of olive oil (sensory, health, culinary, cultural), connecting and educating consumers who will be able to go beyond the product, consider and embrace the olive oil experience.

Olive oil tourism could therefore promote sustainable practices and contribute to the overall well-being of local communities and territorial Marketing.

After defining the Olive Oil Tourism business project activities, their importance and relevance to the olive oil sector, some insights and recommendations are highlighted as key success factors for the industry, mainly related to differentiation and valorization strategies.