Olive Oil and the Sustainable, Plant-Forward Kitchen: the Art of Flavor

Today, as chefs and consumers are expanding their aspirations for change around food, health, sustainability, and food system innovation—together with a wider appetite for culinary discovery—a new vision of a plant-forward kitchen is capturing our attention. Relying on both global flavors and seasonal, regional, and even hyper-local ingredients, chefs and home cooks alike are embracing plant-forward ideas in the kitchen that reflect human and planetary health imperatives and simultaneously embrace new pathways towards deliciousness.

Let's explore, then, the substantive ways that the plant-forward, olive oil kitchen—rooted in the Mediterranean but now being reimagined as well beyond—can leverage flavor and expand our repertoire of culinary techniques as we craft the future of our food.

In this session we will learn about plant-forward cooking, the culinary strategy to make it happen, how olive oil is a key flavor element in this strategy, and critical opportunities for chefs to help lead the change.